Wedding Cakes

Sampling wedding cakes  and choosing from a rainbow of frosting colors make working with a wedding cakes designer a truly delicious task. To be sure you’re just as satisfied with the end result, follow these steps.

Begin your search for  cake designer about three to six months before the wedding—even sooner if you want an in-demand pro.  Some bakers’ schedules start filling up about a year in advance.

Where do you begin your search? Ask recently married friends and family members for their recommendations. Many caterers, reception sites, photographers and florists have favorite bakers.

2. Narrow the Search

Most cake designers showcase confections they’ve created on their websites; you can also get an idea of whether you’ll like their work from a phone conversation. Ask how they would define their style. Is it traditional, simply elegant, modern, whimsical, intricate? Don’t forget to ask to ask for an estimated price range per guest.

In your initial meeting, look through a portfolio of the  cake designer’s work, and double-check that the details you know you want—say, intricate sugar flowers—are part of his or her body of work. If not, does he show versatility and an experimental spirit? Does she have the resources and background to do what want? Some small bakeries may not have the manpower or know-how to create the grand, geometrical structures in which others specialize.

Also, be sure to taste the samples of the baker’s work. “The flavor of the wedding cakes should be as good as any dessert you’d serve to guests. Do not comprimise taste for the look of the cake.

The major deciding factor? “A good personal connection is very important” says Ben-Israel. “You must be able to trust the person.” The ideal  designer is someone whose personality sets you at ease and with whom you communicate well.

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