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Gluten Free Wedding Cakes Wedding Cakes

Gluten Free Wedding Cakes That Fool Everyone

Gluten Free Wedding Cakes

With so many people suffering from gluten intolerance or Celiac disease today (myself included), it was necessary for me to come up with a recipe as good as our regular one for gluten free wedding cakes. It took a while, morphing in to a better and better recipe slowly over 2 years, but the end result is good enough to fool anyone in to thinking it’s not gluten free! Brides and grooms regularly get a panicked expression with their first…

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Central Park Boathouse Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes at the Central Park Boathouse

Central Park Boat House NYC

Central Park Boathouse Wedding Cakes – City Sweets’ wedding cakes and the Central Park Boathouse go back a long way. One of our very first wedding cakes there about 14 years ago. Although a native New Yorker, the visits to Central Park were only a dozen or so times. Even so, one is sure to be blown away by just how beautiful it is. It’s located about 1/8 of a mile in to the park from 72nd St. &…

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